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App store Integration Project

DEV TOOL (2015)


Heonkyu Jin (Lead), JuYoung Jin, JooHyung Park, and more


Assistant Product Designer

As a TF member, we spearheaded the incorporation of joint venture company (ONE Store corp.) with three major telecom operator (SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, LG U+) as well as the leading web portal NAVER, to consolidate and operate their app stores. After, we initiated and led the preliminary ONE Store project, the integration of the infra system among three major telecom operator app stores, based on SK planet ecosystem(T store), by devising a strategy to separate the developer ecosystem and customer base, establishing collaboration scheme.

What I did

During this project, I was in charge of CMS integrations like collecting and merging App data as well as communicating with stakeholders, creating new policies, and announcing to developers.

The achievements

Because of this innovation, ONEstore platform was able to gain 10 million more active users. In addition, I improved the function to expose ONE store’s Apps/Games to the search queries of Naver and increased the PV/UV A tremendously compared with the previous version.


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