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Hello! I'm Joo Hyung Park

An Impact-driven Product designer

who enjoys solving complex problems based on variety Experiences from a wide range of enterprise products. Get In Touch

LINE Design System Global

Design system (2020)

LINE Design System Global project started to make everyone’s life easier. It gives designers the elements and guidance they need to work within an approved structure. It helps developers work with predictable, consistent components. And it helps businesses maintain or design products, faster — all with consistent user experiences. View Case Study

LINE Frontend Framework (LIFF)

Update features (2020)

LINE’s LIFF (LINE Front-end Framework) is a platform for running web apps and offers a browser, namely, LIFF Browser. LIFF apps, web apps implemented with LIFF, run on LIFF Browser. LIFF also provides the LIFF API for you to obtain data from LINE, such as LINE user ID, and enables you to send LINE messages on behalf of the user. View Case Study

LINE GAME Developers

DEV TOOLS (2019)

LINE GAME Developers is a ‘Firebase-like’ web application that provides LINE’s APIs and documents for game developers to enrich games with LINE messager. As a Product designer, modernized user experiences of LINE GAME Developers by defining a UI framework that is effortless, refined, and beautiful for all screen sizes View Case Study


Design system (2019)

LOOKBOOK is the UX extension library for reusable, systematic design based on Google Material Design System backed by Open Source. View Case Study

Food ordering app


Orderbook(모두의 주문) is a service that customers order directly from the table with a mobile QR code. View Case Study

Redesign project

DEV TOOLS (2017)

As a Product Manager/Designer, I was in charge of the Redesign project for LINE GAME Developers site as known as 'GDC', which is a in-house web site for the partner developer, and provided in-game platforms such as leaderboard system, achievement system, and game stamina system. View Case Study

Beacon project


Design, developed, and launched company's cafeteria application (SK planet, WHONEED). My friends and I thought it was inconvenient for us not to have the restaurant application for our company's cafeteria. So we made the Android app and web service. In addition, because we agreed to try out some fun ideas in this dining service, we tried out several services like Eddystone Beacon or Firebase. View Case Study

T store Developer Center 3.0

DEV TOOL (2013)

T store Developer Center는 App, VOD, E-book등 다양한 콘텐츠를 T store Mall에서 자유롭게 등록 및 판매할 수 있도록 거래를 중계하는 플랫폼이다. 상품을 판매하기 위해 필수적인 Developer Center는 2010년 2.0 고도화가 진행된 이후 별도의 개선작업을 진행하지 못하였다. 우리는 빠르게 변화하는 시장 환경을 분석하여, 현재 개발자센터의 문제점을 파악하고, 해결하기 위해 ”T store Develop Center 3.0” 프로젝트를 수행하였다. View Case Study

Hey, I’m Joo, nice to meet you!

I’m a product designer and a manager with over 9 years of experience under my belt.

My skills include product design, design system, data-driven design, technical writing, Google analytics, R, front-end development and project leadership. I’m interested in clean aesthetics, design system, documentation, and simplistic UX solutions.

I’d love to learn about your company and see how I can help, feel free to send me an email!

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